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Brunswick Melee Jab Se Bowling Ball

Brunswick Melee Jab Se Bowling Ball

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    Beat 'em to the Punch with the Brunswick Melee Jab!
    The Melee Jab uses the low-RG Melee Core to create an all-purpose motion for when you're not quite sure what's going on with the lane. It revs quickly to give you a predictable motion that finishes with great power.
    Combine this with the Savvy Hook Pearl, and you have a more angular approach that conserves even more energy for the pins to blow them out of the water. This ball works fantastic for medium oil conditions. 
    This ball is worthy of the "All-Purpose" category as it is so versatile no matter what you're facing. Medium-oil doesn't stand a chance, and neither do your opponents.
    Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Melee Jab:

    The Melee Jab features the low RG Melee core matched with the Savvy Hook Pearl coverstock to provide outstanding versatility with more length, more aggressive backend reaction, and improved entry angle to the pocket. The Melee Jab revs strong down the lane and produces outstanding entry angle to the pocket for superior pin action on medium oil lane conditions.

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