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Dexter SST Red Leather Sole (S4)

Dexter Change Sole for Sst Bowling Shoes

  • Sole s4
    Short Slide
    Red Leather
    Approach: Recommended for slicker approaches.
    Profile: For the power player or "cranker" who needs little slide.
    It is compatible with all Dexter SST 5, 6, 7, & 8 shoes.

    Sliding soles are sold in Standard size which may be customised to fit all Women's SST sizes plus Men's up to size 9.5 and XL (all Men's sizes 10+)

    Use a Lower Heel Number than Sole Number
    Because you brake with your heel, use a heel with more friction (a lower number) than the sole. Otherwise, you won’t have adequate slide-brake action. An exception would be if you bowl best with a heel that has the same number as the sole. Using a higher heel number than sole number is possible but not recommended for general approach conditions.

    Break-In your Soles and Heels
    When changing either the soles or heels of your SST shoes Dexter recommends that you use caution when trying the new combination for the first time. Taking several practice slides on the approach without holding a ball will allow the bowler to predict how the reconfigured shoes will slide on the current approach conditions before throwing the next ball.

    Free UK delivery on all orders over £35

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